Standard, high precision tribrachs

Suggested for general purposes. High quality, precise tribrachs for classical surveying instruments and accessories. Their feature the specified high torsion power resistance. Tribrachs has been going through a careful manufacturing process, and we’re selling them after an individual testing, thank for our strict and unique quality assurance system.

We’re suggesting these kinds of tribrachs to those type of Geodetical persons who keep in mind the accuracy and reliability under a classical measuring process too.

Tribrachs are available with or without optical plummet.








How can the tribrach properties affect the accuracy of the measurement?

The accuracy of the surveying instruments depends not only the used instrument, but on the tripod and the tribrach as well. Twist of these elements causes error in angle measurement. You have to choose the tripod and the tribrach with the same consideration as you choose the instrument for the task.

Trimble Hungary Ltd. can provide you carefully specified and individually tested tribrachs for both general applications and for heavy, high accuracy Total Stations or Laser Scanners.

In connection with the Quality and Accuracy one thing should be kept in mind. Taking the reliability (consistency of published specifications), the lifetime and the esthetical design into consideration, quality always remains an important factor.

The Trimble Hungary Ltd. is a manufacturer of Quality tribrachs and its name sounds familiar for everybody on the market.

Features of the standard, high precision tribrachs

  • Effortless locking mechanism for fast and solid tripod connection.
  • Easy to handle leveling screws with bearing (easy to turn even in gloves).


  • without plummet
  • with optical plummet


  • by RAL color code

Technical data

Tripod mount: 5/8"
Spirit level: 8'
Adjusting range of leveling screws: 10 mm

Optical plummet

Image: erect
Shortest focal distance: 0.35 m
Accuracy: 0.5 mm / 1.5 m
Operating temperature: -20ºC – +50ºC


Honlapkészítés, keresőoptimalizálás