Reflectors and Prizms

High Precision Prizm



The original prisms from Geodesy  have a newly developed coating on the reflective surfaces Anti-Reflex Coating, and a copper coating, with non oxidizing paint on the reverse side. Without these, the range of usage and measurement reduced by 25%. The applied non- oxidizing treatment of the copper coating guarantees a long lifetime.

The glass dimensions, the position in the holder and with it the areal orientation, are important for measuring accuracy.

Geodesy prisms are manufactured from top quality glass and with optical coatings so that even under the most extreme conditions, a long lifetime and maximum precision can be achieved.


- High accuracy prism
- Robust mechanical design
- Dust proof metal housing
- High contrast UV resistant targeting signs
- High quality coating
- Resistant to extreme weather conditions


Technical data

Housing Metal
Centering accuracy 1.0mm
Offset -34 mm
Height 39.85 mm
Prizm diameter 64.9 mm
Accuracy <5 arc sec
Range 3500 m
Backside coating Cu (High reflex coating)
Front surface coating Anti Reflex


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