High stability, high precision tribrachs

The High Stability tribrach is the latest developed products of the Trimble Hungary Ltd.

It is especially intended to use with precise, high accuracy and heavy Total Stations and 3D laser scanners where the systems are likely twist the tribrach much more because of their weight.

The quality of the used materials and components are fulfill the highest standards in addition to the precise manufacturing process, we could reach that the error in angle measurement (hysteresis) is under 3cc.

The built-in orientation spring pushes the devices always into the same angular position before fixing.

Tribrachs are available with or without optical plummet.






How can the tribrach properties affect the accuracy of the measurement?

The accuracy of the surveying instruments depends not only the used instrument, but on the tripod and the tribrach as well. Twist of these elements causes error in angle measurement. You have to choose the tripod and the tribrach with the same consideration as you choose the instrument for the task.

Trimble Hungary Ltd. can provide you carefully specified and individually tested tribrachs for both general applications and for heavy, high accuracy Total Stations or Laser Scanners.

In connection with the Quality and Accuracy one thing should be kept in mind. Taking the reliability (consistency of published specifications), the lifetime and the esthetical design into consideration, quality always remains an important factor.

The Trimble Hungary Ltd. is a manufacturer of Quality tribrachs and its name sounds familiar for everybody on the market.

Features of the high stability, high precision tribrachs

  • Reduced hysteresis (to improve the accuracy of the measurement).
  • Spring-aided positioning mechanism ensures proper positioning of the applied devices. This solution also enhances the reproduction ability of measurements.
  • High vertical load capacity (up to 12 kg).
  • Centrally pre-loaded spring.
  • Water and dust proof leveling screws with bearing.


  • without plummet
  • with optical plummet


  • by RAL color code

Technical data

Tripod mount: 5/8"
Spirit level: 8'
Adjusting range of leveling screws: 10 mm
Hysteresis: 3 cc (60 Ncm torsion moment and 12 kg vertical load)

Optical plummet

Image: erect
Shortest focal distance: 0.35 m
Accuracy: 0.5 mm / 1.5 m
Operating temperature: -20ºC – +50ºC


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