In February 2014 Geodesy Ltd. which has a long tradition in the geodetic industry was purchased by Trimble Navigation thus creating Trimble Hungary Ltd. As a member of Trimble group it carries on distributing products previously distributed under the long standing brandname MOM-Geodesy.

Trimble Hungary Ltd. developes and produces devices and accessories required for geodetic measuring instruments and equipment for measurements which represent the highest quality in  precision and reliability.

Our geodetic range of product consists of tribrachs, adapters, prism holders and prisms.

Furthermore the design, production and distribution of outdoor laser data transmision devices has also been our main profile for more than 10 years.

Communication devices based on FSO technology enable data transmission (voice, image and internet) between two given points without using optical cables or radio frequency.

From now on we are carrying on these products under the brandname Trimble FSO.

Trimble Hungary Ltd. undertakes high precision assembly in precision mechanics.

Our scope of activities also includes the production of sphericalopticlenses and flat optics/optical components.

We are also able to manufacture flat optcics, prisms, mirrors, lenses, object glasses and filters that we can equip with optical layer as well.

As part of the marketing strategy Trimble Hungary Ltd. cooperates closely with its partners, takes account of their special needs and strives for meeting the highest possible standards.


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