Geodesy-FSO released tracking system

Geodesy FSO has launched the new Tracking system today to the public sector. The product is revolutionary  and it can provide 10X higher availability.*


The AUTO-TRACKING system is an automatic adjustment system where the transmission beam is continuously kept in the optimal position. This way a smaller beam size can be maintained. The smaller beam size will ensure higher channel quality for your FSO device.

Every building has movements, in a regular FSO system this movement is being compensated for with a larger transmission beam. In this case the bad weather has a bigger effect on the systems performance above a Km distance. The AUTO-TRACKING system will let you have larger flexibility in movement tolerances with the transmission power can go through even the harshest weather conditions.

Above all the GEODESY FSO AUTO TRACKING system will provide you with the AUTO FOCUS system integrated. This way the system provides you with the most intelligent solution on the market.




-       High distance movement tracking

-       Automatic transmission aperture control (AUTO FOCUS)

-       Multiple transmission beam options

-       Auto alignment

-       Low and high frequency movement compensation

-       High tolerances in movement compensation


Up to 10x higher availability*


*Compared to regular PIN system
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