Geodesy-FSO released tracking system

2012-04-02 - GK
Geodesy-FSO released tracking system

Geodesy FSO has launched the new Tracking system today to the public sector. The product is revolutionary  and it can provide 10X higher availability.*


The AUTO-TRACKING system is an automatic adjustment system where the transmission beam is continuously kept in the optimal position. This way a smaller beam size can be maintained. The smaller beam size will ensure higher channel quality for your FSO device.

Every building has movements, in a regular FSO system this movement is being compensated for with a larger transmission beam. In this case the bad weather has a bigger effect on the systems performance above a Km distance. The AUTO-TRACKING system will let you have larger flexibility in movement tolerances with the transmission power can go through even the harshest weather conditions.

Above all the GEODESY FSO AUTO TRACKING system will provide you with the AUTO FOCUS system integrated. This way the system provides you with the most intelligent solution on the market.




-       High distance movement tracking

-       Automatic transmission aperture control (AUTO FOCUS)

-       Multiple transmission beam options

-       Auto alignment

-       Low and high frequency movement compensation

-       High tolerances in movement compensation


Up to 10x higher availability*


*Compared to regular PIN system

Geodesy Launched a new Radio Product

Geodesy Launched a new Radio Product

Geodesy has launched a new radio product to cover distances between 100-20Kms


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The GEO20 delivers the highest performance and stability available in the 5 GHz CPE class. This product combines a  robust   IP-66 compliant enclosure with a highly advanced 802.11n radio core containing MIMO 2x2 technology along with an integrated high gain dual polarization directional antenna. The device is powered by a reliable, advanced, and feature-rich operating system, allowing the creation of very high throughput and stable wireless networks quickly, safely, and effectively.   
In addition, the GEO20 supports access point operating mode which extends application scenarios and makes the GEO20
suited for both point to point and point to multipoint networks.The robust software engine allows the GEO20 to work as bridge or as a router, provides a user-friendly Adobe Flex - based GUI with instant changes, includes useful installation tools (Site survey, Antenna alignment, Delayed reboot, Spectrum analyzer, ping, traceroute) and also is compatible with Wireless Network Management System for one of the most advanced management tools on the market.

Long haul FSO devices price drop


Geodesy-FSO has decreased prices for the long distance FSO units.

Slashing Free Space Optics prices!

Free Space Optics was always considered as a “expensive” technology. Geodesy-FSO will change that.

Geodesy-FSO has always been proud to lead the market with innovative new products and developments. This time the technological achievements not only improved the product's overall reliability, but also enabled the company to slash prices on the long haul devices.

We will let our prices talk for themselves.

The new pricelist is available from the 27th of July 2011. If you haven’t got your copy, please email us!





Geodesy-FSO and Laser 2000 sign up for distribution

Geodesy-FSO and Laser 2000 sign up for distribution



GeoDesy FSO is part of the GeoDesy Group, with focusing on high speed wireless communication transmission. Geodesy FSO solutions offer broadband upto 1Gb/s, point to point connectivity. Geodesy FSO technology delivers high security, scalability and superior price to performance value and has been successfully deployed for a wide range of applications across sectors as diverse as SP's, Health, Education, Finance, Retail, and Industry.

Geodesy and Laser 2000 Gmbh has agreed over distributing Geodesy-FSO communication products. The FSO distribution is not new to Laser 2000 and has a strong track record of wireless communication devices. So knowledge and experience is guaranteed.

Geodesy-FSO products have been distributed by Laser 2000 over the past few year, but after the succesfull cooperation in the past, Geodesy-FSO products will be distributed by Laser2000 in Germany, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Belgium. 

New Case Studies


Geodesy-Fso has created new case studies over installations in different regions and sectors:



South Bank University

London South Bank University is a dynamic, inner-city university with a diverse multi-cultural population of some 17,000 students and around 1700 staff. The university has been providing high quality education in London for over 100 years and its students and staff come from a variety of communities and countries, making a truly multi-cultural environment.

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Mott Mc Donald

Mott MacDonald is a global engineering organisation known for delivering significant projects such as Channel Tunnel, Hong Kong Airport   and the Heathrow Express rail link. It has 25 permanent offices in the UK and needed to improve communications at its London site. 

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The Williams Pear Group

The William Pears Group, together with the Pears Family Trusts own properties and investments with a value in excess of £6 billion. It was formed in 1952 and is still 100% family owned and managed.

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New website launch

2011-07-12 - Krisztian Groger
New website launch

Geodesy Kft has launched a new website. 

The new website will work faster, and updates will be more freqvent than previously. We had some downtime during the past two days. If you experience any troubles please inform us on


2013-04-10 - GK

New firmware page updated

Check out our firmware section here

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