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The Energy Authority




The Energy Authority in Jacksonville, FL needed 99.999% reliability
between their trading centers in two adjacent high rise buildings. Based on System
Support Solutions' recommendation, EA had us take out the old LightPointe bridge and
put in a much more robust Trimble-GeoDesy ATW3000GTH with a BridgeWaww FP80
for dual, 1 gig redundant bandwidth. Shooting BOTH SIGNALS through tinted glass!

Have facilities requiring ultra secure connecting? Let us help because we use
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South Bank University (UK)



London South Bank University - is a dynamic, inner-city university with a diverse multi-cultural population of some 17,000 students and around 1700 staff. The university has been providing high quality education in London for over 100 years and its students and staff come from a variety of communities and countries, making a truly multi-cultural environment.  Internet Access Providing Internet access is an important part of South Bank University’s service to its students, in particular to the student’s resident in halls on the campus. Three of the University’s halls of residence were connected to the main campus via radio based Wi-Fi connections. However this solution did not deliver high-enough bandwidth, often failing to deliver any more than 3Mbpsof throughput for each link. This level of bandwidth was grossly inadequate and would often cause problems for students using the Internet connection, and in-turn causing a major headache for South Bank University’s IT team  Quick Installation  South Bank University was faced with the task of finding a reliable, cost effective solution that would deliver high bandwidth connectivity, and that could be quickly implemented. Various forms of building-to-building connectivity were considered. Initially, in-stalling a fibre connection was the preferred long term solution. However cost and time constraints were seen as being prohibitive to installing a fibre solution. Instead South Bank University turned to Geodesy FSO to provide a high bandwidth Free Space Optic (FSO) wireless solution. High Bandwidth After visiting the site and conducting a site survey Digital Air proposed the installation of four wireless laser links to meet the varying distance requirements between sites. Geodesy FSO solutions were chosen including 4 x 400m and 1200m units - each of these links would deliver 100Mbps and 1000Mbps of data throughput. The Network Manager at South Bank University’s Computer


Mott Mc Donald (UK)


Mott MacDonald - is a global engineering organisation known for delivering significant projects such as Channel Tunnel, Hong Kong Airport and the Heathrow Express rail link. It has 25 permanent offices in the UK and needed to improve communications at its London site. There was an existing cable between the two buildings in London, but at only 2Mbps it was not capable of efficiently transmitting data traffic in the volume expected in business today. In particular files containing large engineering drawings were very demanding of the installed cabled network between buildings. However, to install a new cable across the 180 metres would be very costly and difficult especially as it would involve digging up a busy main road. DigitalAir Wireless Networks, a Geodesy FSO integrator, recommended the use of a Geodesy FSO Giga Pico Next, this gives Mott MacDonald had a 1Gbs data link. This allows for multimedia, data connectivity and voice communications can be carried across the same link, a further efficiency as both buildings can be supported by a single switchboard. The laser-based Giga Pico Next has even been installed inside the buildings behind glass win-dows, so the equipment is fully secure and maintenance i s simple.


Williams Pear Group (UK)


The William Pears Group - together with the Pears Family Trusts own properties and investments with a value in excess of £6 billion. It was formed in 1952 and is still 100% family owned and man-aged.  The Group owns several thousand residential properties, located in Lon-don and Southern England, and is one of the largest and most active property investors in Britain. The Group also owns several hundred commercial properties spread throughout the UK, comprising shopping parades, office buildings and light industrial premises. In 1990, the group launched Talisman Global Asset Management which now manages in excess of $1.5billion invested in public markets, funds and private equity investments. Connected Systems a Geodesy FSO integrator, recommended the use of a Geodesy FSO Giga Pico Next, this gives William Pears Group a 1Gbs data link. This allows for multimedia, data connectivity and voice communications can be carried across the same link.  The Geodesy FSO Giga Pico has been such a success When the Group took on more office space near to its head office in London's Hampstead, Connected Business Solutions installed high speed Free Space Optic links between the sites to provide voice and data connectivity and has supported these links for the last three years. These include both 100Mbps and the new Gigabit units. As a back-up, long haul optical fibre and copper inter-building links were installed



Government agencies with buildings visible by line-of-sight rely on highly secure, ultra high-speed Optical Wireless solutions for LAN-to-LAN connectivity. Leveraging free-space optics technology, Optical Wireless solutions provide among the most secure of all networking signals: very narrow beams of invisible light pulses. Optical Wireless solutions achieve secure full duplex Gigabit Ethernet speeds without complications of leased or dedicated fiber-optic lines. Typically mounted in restricted areas on top buildings or behind windows in offices with controlled access, Optical Wireless solution light beams spread no more than half a degree in between two units in a point-to-point connection, making detection or interception virtually impossible. Additionally, the beams of light from Optical Wireless solutions transmit voice, video or data via light pulses that only can be received through a proprietary polished mirrored surface in Optical Wireless units. Optical Wireless solutions seamlessly transmit encrypted data to meet FIBS 140-02 compliance.

Beth El Ind Case Study (Israel)

Israel-Beth-El's civil line of products, such as protection for critical infrastructure, bomb shelters, blast protection, and air filtration for buildings, have been provided globally for over 30 years. Thousands of systems are installed within railway stations, hospitals, and many other public and private structures. With the highest quality HEPA / ULPA air filtration available, Beth-El industries is able to provide their unique and highly effective protection and filtration systems to hospitals, school buildings, government office buildings, public buildings, private residences, and more.  Beth El Industries in Israel required a connection in the Golan Heights, connecting 2 manufacturing plants. Due the proximity of an airfield where drones (unmanned air-crafts) are tested we constantly experienced interference with our existing wireless bridge be-tween the two buildings... Up until the installation of the Geodesy FSO link, Beth El was using a wireless connection at 54Mb. Geodesy was the link of choice giving unparalleled connection speeds of 1 Gb full duplex without any interference issues.

City Counsil Westland (Holland)


Holland Council Of Westland - The Municipal of Westland is an umbrella organisation, covering five cities, a region of approximately 100,000 citizens. Its IT infrastructure provides voice and data connectivity for over 800 municipal officials working across six locations. The initial requirement of the Council was to provide a high-speed data link to an office that was rented for only three months. An office that was being used while the finishing touches were made to the renovation of a historical building at a second location in the city of Naaldwijk.  Adaptable Solution As the rented office space was being used for just three months waiting to install a cable was not an  option and time was of the essence to connect the  workforce of Naaldwijk. Getting a wired solution would have taken too long to deploy. Protel Data solutions were able to recommend a solution that could be quickly installed, and was flexible enough to meet both the immediate and future networking needs of the Council. A Geodesy Pinto with Combiner was installed. Then the second challenge; to ensure the link could be redeployed, but this time to provide both a voice and data connection between the town hall and the newly added location. The Geodesy Pinto is quick and easy to install and offers a wireless solution that combines a 100 Mbps link and an E1 link for the support of both data and voice communication. Additionally, the Geodesy link is a onetime purchase, with no require-ment to pay on-going lease line rental.


Key Financial Services 

UK Financial services - Separate Networks For some time Key Financial Services had run its administration from three buildings but the staff in each building was not able to communicate efficiently or effectively as each building had a standalone server and separate Internet connection. It was costly and inefficient to share information be-tween the business functions.

Shared Resources the installation of PICO Free Space Optic systems from Geodesy provided 100Mbps connections which enabled Key Financial Services to link their three administration buildings together, thus enabling their network and software resources to be shared over installation, all users are able to access centrally held applications. The costs associated with central Internet access and management are significantly lower.

NHS Trust


UK NHS Trust - Leicestershire Health Informatics Service is a shared service offering Information Technology support to the six Primary Care Trusts (PCT) within Leicestershire and Rutland, The Leicestershire Partnership Trust and General Practices within Leicestershire and Rutland. LHIS is responsible for over 200 PCT/Partnership Trust sites and 160 GP Practices. It already has a data network utilising a number of technologies including leased lines, ISDN, Wireless and Microwave.  Campus Network The historical development of NHS services within Leicestershire means there are a large number of sites in small clusters. The sites are in direct line of sight, but previously there was no secure way of linking the sites other than by costly leased lines the routes of which are blocked by roadways, car parks or public highway. The Geodesy PICO units gave a cost effective, secure and convenient alternative to more traditional methods of campus based communication links such as ducts or catenaries. Simple mounting of the Geodesy Pico units on buildings avoided the usual level of disruption to patients and staff whilst car parks and roadways were dug to allow ducts to be laid.

Data Security The relative insecurity of wireless data links is always a major concern when dealing with confidential and sensitive data. The security guarantees delivered by the point-to-point networking, instead of broadcast methods, are much valued benefits of the laser-based solution. 


Thames Valley University


Thames Valley University and Ealing Studios - needed to keep con-nected to its New Media. Radio and Music Technology facilities at the world famous Ealing Studios in West London - but it had to have a fast, reliable, high band width, cost-effective solution. Geodesy FSO, laser-based FSO links were employed to meet this need. High Bandwidth  As part of its ongoing site-support, the Information Services Department within Thames Valley University (TVU), one of the UK’s largest education providers, required a 1000Mbps link for its facilities at Ealing Studios. Multi Media Transmission A high bandwidth data transmission link was required for servicing the University’s facilities at the Studios. Uniquely the department needs cover data networking as well as the transmission of media files, JPEGS, MPEGS, video and multi-media. In looking for an effective solution, TVU employed the services of AzteQ Solutions. AzteQ recommended and installed a Geodesy FSO link between one of the main university buildings and at the Studios, located approximately 350m away. Each Geodesy FSO link used for this data connectivity, provides reliable and secure laser-based free space optical transmission, and de-pending on the link installed can be effective up to distances of 6km.Full duplex wire speed trans-mission, at 1000 Mbps, is achieved utilising two laser heads, located at each site, which have a clear line of sight between them. Typical Geodesy FSO applications also include replacement of leased lines, alternatives to fibre, interconnection in campus or industrial environments, temporary installations, VoIP applications and disaster recovery.



SNMP Monitoring Software


SNMP based FSO monitoring software. v1.27 Beta


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